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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Hypnotist" by M.J. Rose

A mayhem fest sets the stage for an FBI art crime investigator.  A search for memory tools to prove and facilitate reincarnation, leads to death, destruction and redemption.

Lucien Glass lives with loss.   His life has been defined by his loss.   Ms. Rose paints Lucien’s pain and pathos with diligence.   You have to be made of stone not to feel for the guy.   His perseverance in his work is fuel by his frustration and loss.   

The story had subtle levels of deception that touched on current events while titillating with the bizarre and macabre.   Iranian terrorists, monomaniacal philanthropists, demented movie moguls combine for a delightful bouillabaisse to tickle the literary palate.   And lest I forget, a poignant love story to round out this excellent book.  

I highly recommend the book.

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