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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Revelations by Laurel Dewey

This is a Jane Perry mystery.  This is also a test of bloggers mobile blogging.  I am dictating this review on my B e l o v e d droid x.  This is a mystery of great depth and very intricate prose.  It is a complicated plot about a murder or is it?
James Perry is not a lovable protagonist.  She has lots of bad habits and an antagonistic personality.  Of course the same traits make her much more believable.  Weyler her partner, has extraordinary patience. 

There is a wealth of curious characters with strange and bizarre behavior.  Dewey excels on developing interesting characters.

On occasion I found some of the longer soliloquies tedious to read.  Overall though it was a very good mystery which I recommend.

The above post was submitted via mobile blogging ap from Blogger, I added the rating and the Amazon ad once I got home to my computer.  Still one more way technology makes my heart sing!

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