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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Ridge by Michael Koryta

Once again, Michael Koryta takes ordinary folks and puts them in extraordinary situations fraught with danger and mystery.   A lighthouse in the woods and an exotic cat rescue center draw focus on the deep woods surrounding a remote mining community with an unusual number of deaths.

Michael Koryta has the ability to bring to the printed word characters that you might know.   His characterizations are detailed and clear.   He paints scenarios that are vivid and emotionally evocative.  I found myself humming The Lions Roar Tonight several times as I read.    

Kevin Kimble’s infatuation was more far fetched than many things in the book, the man had a huge capacity for forgiveness.    To my mind, the eliciting of emotions is a mark of a successful author.   Koryta successfully draws out tension, anxiety, pity, empathy, anger, frustration, fear and love.   His books are difficult to qualify, not horror but certainly not mundane fiction.  

I highly recommend the book.

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