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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Summer by David Baldacci

This is NOT a Camel Club book with a complicated and convoluted conspiracy.  It doesn’t have the flavor of The Christmas Train either.   This is a Baldacci that demands a box of tissues.   A family is subjected to the ultimate stress of losing a member.  This is a story of how they cope with the emptiness that results and how they re-knit the fabric of their lives.

Just when you think you have David Baldacci’s modus operandi well in hand you discover unseen depths and different directions.   Although this book seems more appropriate in the Harlequin genre, it grabs your attention and emotions in typical Baldacci fashion.   You do not want to put  it down, you want to know what else can possibly go wrong.

Succinctly (I know not my normal MO) this book is a in-depth revelation of family turmoil and reconciliation amidst a devastating tragedy.   Most frequently in Baldacci’s work and other action adventure authors’ work we become immersed in the fast pace and thrilling circumstances.   This book forces you to think about the impact of death on normal folks, not action heroes but perhaps the next door neighbor.  

David Baldacci has a breadth of talent that is awe inspiring.   This book is akin to a reverse 180 while cruising along at autobahn speeds.   It is a major change of pace but certainly a winner.  
I highly recommend it.

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