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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Soldier of Rome: The Legionary by James Mace

 A snapshot of the life of the Roman Legionnaire is the most succinct description of this book.

Artorius begins the book as a young boy lamenting over the death of his brother in a treacherous attack by German tribes.   He ends the book as a seasoned campaigner in the Roman Legions.    Artorius’s anger and need for revenge seemed realistic.   It was easy to see his motivations.   James Mace has obvious experience in the military and has done his research for this novel.   The only reason I passed Latin in high school was the war stories.   This novel had a believable flavor.   Looking at James Mace’s web site, you see he has immersed him historically in the Roman time.   

I also liked the fact that Mace was not one sided in his approach.   I thought he showed the tribal perspective of seeking freedom from Roman domination quite well.  It is hard not to be enamored of the efficiency and capability of the Roman Legions.   It is easy to ignore how astoundingly advanced Roman civilization was in a time period that had most peoples wallowing in ignorant misery.  

Anyone fascinated by military history will love this book.  Historic fiction fans, in general, will also enjoy the book.   

I recommend the book.   

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