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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thou Shalt Kill by Daniel Blake

This is a complex and compelling murder mystery set in Pittsburgh, PA.

Growing up in western Pennsylvania, I found the setting for this story quite interesting.   It is always fun to be able to picture exactly where the author is taking you.   That is not to take away from Blake’s descriptions.  He did a good job describing both the environment and the people.   For Pittsburghers, the Steelers are not so much a sports team as a life style cult.   I haven’t been in Pittsburgh for 15 years and yet I have a Steeler sticker on my car, I have a terrible towel, black and gold scarves, more Steeler ball caps than I can count, Steeler head covers for my golf clubs a Steeler swim suit and more and I don’t even live there any more.   Black captured the essence of the community quite accurately. 

The characters were believable as were their motivations.   The emotional vacuums in the protagonist’s lives were clearly responsible for their aberrant behavior.

The story line was clear but complex so it kept your interest and never got boring.   Current events were incorporated to provide a very up to date feel for the setting.   Daniel Blake did an excellent job with this book. 

I highly recommend the book.

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