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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shouty Food and Fitness by NeonSeon

Shouty Food and Fitness by NeonSeon

Shouty is a motivational book for 2nd and 3rd graders, this time on food and fitness.  

This book is an attempt to get younger kids to consider choices particularly on food and lifestyle.   It isn’t spelled out as such but it is a motivational book for good health.  Shouty is shown as being very fond of junk food.  He is also depicted as avoiding any kind of exercise.  

This is the second Shouty book I have shared with my five and seven year old grandchildren.   They found this Shouty much less confusing than the Shouty of Shouty’s Good Habits.  They were now familiar with Shouty as a character.  They saw him as a lazy adult   The scenarios were still adult focused but more understandable to this age.  They live in a very physically fit environment and were appalled at Shouty’s lack of fitness and fondness for junk food.    I think part of the success of the message was the fact that their parents are so fitness conscious but this Shouty book had more appeal to them than the  last one.

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