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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Start-Up by Sadie Hayes

Sadie Hayes provides a screen shot of technology’s sordid underbelly in this riveting e-book novella.

The reek of truth permeates this glimpse into the world of high finance and technology.   The dot com bust is in the past, the present is dominated by the next cloud technology or aps for our ubiquitous cell phone companions.   Ms. Hayes sets the plot in and about Stanford and their famous geeks.  I spent 25 years in the computer industry.   I was lucky enough to meet some of the starry eyed pioneers in the early years, the ones who retired to their own private islands.  I actually met some of the type of person that populates the pages of this story.   I employed geeks who, as long as you provided unlimited caffeine and junk food, really didn’t care about money.   When you read this book, and you should, I found nothing that ran contrary to the truth as I know it.   

Ms. Hayes constructed believable characters in a realistic situation and manages to sauté it with enough tension and curiosity to make it impossible to put down.  This is a savory appetizer that precedes two successor books.  The cliff hanger ending just makes you hungry for more…Sadie I want on the list for your next literary treat!

I highly recommend the book.   

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