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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Target of Opportunity by Jeffrey S. Stephens

A terrorist plot by plausible partners threatens the U.S.   Jordon Sandor of the CIA is the only thing standing between global financial chaos.

The economics of oil and resultant potential for economic blackmail give plausibility to this novel.   As an aside, this should help all of us to recognize the need for energy independence.   That may have not been the more subtle plot line but that is what I felt reading the book.

Sandor is a ruthless defender of liberty.   He is an excellent protagonist as he displays emotion and action.   The book is fast paced and the plot is complex enough to maintain interest throughout.  

The intricate nature of the plot is very well done and keeps you guessing until the end.   Mr. Stehphens does an excellent job portraying an able weapon but loose canon in the character of Sandor.  His irreverence is endearing but I suspect in the real world of bureaucratic nonsense, he would end up on the street. 

Sandor is a worthy James Bond clone with skills and warmth abounding.  He comes across as real which is often a difficult characterization.   Sadly the only downside to the book is the likelihood that some demented soul out there is striving to perpetrate a similar scenario in real life.

I recommend it.

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