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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Covert Element by John L. Betcher

Once again, James Becker,  a retired agent of some type is a small town attorney. James Becker has retired from a terrorism fight to live a sedentary life with his wife and girls safe in a small, insular community. In his first book, The 19th Element detailed the story of a Islamic terrorists’ attack on a nearby nuclear plant.   This time Becker gets entwined with a drug cartel.

Once again I am impressed how John so thoroughly humanizes his protagonist.  (John Betcher is an eminently approachable author.)  Becker’s sense of humor is endearing and highly annoying to his buddies Gunner and Bull.   Beth is a no-nonsense wife whose common sense and CIA background keeps Becker grounded and safe. 

The book deals with the dismaying invasion of drugs and the impact of the drug cartels on law enforcement and society in general.  John Betcher is not making any claims as a successor for those of us who loved Robert Parker’s Spencer but as a confirmed fan I have to say the mantle may fit.   The interplay between Becker and pals is entertaining in spite of the seriousness of the topic.  I enjoyed interviewing John Betcher and I enjoyed reading this more polished novel.   Keep up the good work Betcher!

I highly recommend this book.

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John Betcher said...

Thank you very much for your kind review. Appreciated.