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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Soldier of Rome: The Sacrovir Revolt" by James Mace

Soldier of Rome: The Sacrovir by James Mace

 A snapshot of the life of the Roman Legionnaire is the most succinct description of this book although as this is the second book the common Legionnaire has been promoted.

Artorius continues to mature both in body and intellect.  This story chronicles a revolt in Gaul.   The revolt is motivated more by personal greed and revenge than subjugation of a populace.  Once again Mace makes the common soldier of Rome a believable being.  Looking at James Mace’s web site, you see he has immersed him historically in the Roman time.  

Once again I liked the fact that Mace was not one sided in his approach.   I thought he showed both the frustration of some of the Gallic nobles and the acceptance of others.  In particular I liked the parent child conflict in regards to participating in the revolt.  The cruelty of the slave trade is presented in graphic detail.

As in the first book, anyone fascinated by military history will love this book.  Historic fiction fans, in general, will also enjoy the book.  

I recommend the book. 

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