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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sea of shadows by Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards is going to be a force to reckon with in the genre of military fiction. I have always been fond of the down to the sea in ships war stories. Mr. Edwards crafts a plausible story considering the conditions of the Middle East and the world’s economic conditions.

In the US we are all aware of our dependence on foreign oil for energy needs. Mister Edwards uses energy dependency as the fuel for the plot of the story. There are clear underlying political considerations that make this plot so plausible and frightening. Although the underpinnings of the story have the ring of truth they in no way detract from the intense actions and heroic feats.

The book shows the complexity of a world economy and how economic conditions impact the closest of allies. This is an excellent action adventure story. It is not a political or economic treatise but it is clear that Edwards did a serious amount of homework to write this book.

I particularly enjoyed the character development and the depictions of real to life people. Edwards showed both heroic and normal behavior in a compelling style. The stresses of command decisions and the facing of loss were palatably portrayed as was the ponderous and pandemic motions of bureaucracy. One has to wonder how many military disasters were created by the lavish display of the “peter principle” and the dependency on rank as opposed to talent.

I really enjoyed Edward’s science fiction novel Dome City Blues and I am delighted to see he brought that expertise to the military fiction arena as well.

I highly recommend this book!

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