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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Legacy of the Dragon by J. Gregory Smith

A Noble Cause was an improvement over Greg’s first book Final Price . I enjoyed both but Noble was better. Now this third book really vaults J. Gregory Smith into the professional arena. Dragon is a page turner than truly establishes Greg as a contender!

Paul Chang, the huge Chinese American detective is back but in the private sector. He and his quirky partner Nelson are running a private detective business that is floundering. Chang’s old boss and the commander of the Delaware State Police are making his life miserable. Paul never intentionally went out of his way to harm them but that isn’t stopping them from persecuting him. This book details that persecution and an unrelated but dark and life changing event in Paul’s past.

Greg did a masterful job in truly giving Paul Chang full, three dimensional characterization. The back story is well done and having read Final Price, some pieces that were missing are now put into play.

The twin prongs of a diabolically clever plot intermesh enough to provide questions but not confusion. The characters, overall, are well written and colorful. Action in a Smith novel is a given and is in abundance here.

I highly recommend this book!

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