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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Trouble With Max by Lisa A. Maddock

Teddy and Pip are back. Teddy and Pip are guinea pigs who talk. Max is a college student who agrees to house sit Teddy and Pip and the tale is how they make him miserable.

I remember liking Teddy and Pip in Lisa’s earlier stories. Maybe it was my mood but I didn’t find them likeable this time. My sentiments were with Max who as far as Teddy and Pip were concerned was the villain of the story.

Teddy and Pip illustrate how verbal infants might behave. Their totally self centered behavior was annoying. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny. There were episodes of the Stooges I found annoying but they were always funny.

The guinea pigs’ antics were secondary to a very nice coming of age story for Max. The little “dudes” helped Max to find himself and meet his goals.

I enjoyed the book and sadly I have known people as demanding as Teddy and Pip. At least they have the excuse that they are guinea pigs.

I recommend the book.

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