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Saturday, April 14, 2012

From The Ashes by Jeremy Burns

An action thriller with historic inferences might best describe this captivating book.   Two Indiana Jones type brothers face a government cover-up and a generations old secret in this first of (I suspect.) the Jonathan Rickner thrillers.

Mr. Burns does a nice job on the back story.  He fills in blanks and fleshes out both the characters and the story.   There is plenty of material alluded to that may provide the seeds for forthcoming books.   I liked the characterizations and the action.    The loyalty of Jonathan and Mara to a memory was touching.  The tenacity to which they ascribed their quest was laudable.  

This story has a little something for everyone.   Treachery, government conspiracies, Nazi politics and pre-cold war machinations all combine in a very good book.    

I recommend the book.  

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