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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rogue Crusader by John R. Monteith

I’m beginning to wonder if the Navy is offering creative writing to it’s officers.   I seem to have run across some excellent sea stories recently.
This book reads fine as a stand alone but seems to be the third book in a continuing series.   Jake Slade, an ex-U.S. naval officer with a storied past is thrust into a situation of apocalyptic potential engendered by Islamic extremists. 

Monteith puts together  a likeable cast of characters with some game changing personal issues.   Those issues impact behavior but are not related to the events occurring in this particular book.   I would have preferred a little more back story but, again, the book stands alone quite well.  

There is plenty of action and hard to starboard or hard to port type twists.  (salty dog talk is not my forte)  The book presents a believable scenario as far as terroristic motivation and technique, I can’t say how believable the submarine situations were but they were certainly innovative.   

This was an exciting book and I recommend it.

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