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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Deadly Straits by R. E. McDermott

When Bob emailed me and flattered me into reading his book I thought I was doing both he and Jeff Edwards author of Dome City Blues; Sea of Shadows and The Seventh Angel, a favor.  Little did I realize I was doing myself a favor by reading this compelling book.  Many authors grow in statue as they polish their skills and hone their talent, Bob McDermott has hit a home run with this book and it is his first!  A marine consultant finds himself immersed in international intrigue involving terrorists, oil trade and international complications.  

Tom Dugan is the main protagonist and one wonders if he might be R. E. McDermott’s alter ego.  Dugan is not a young stud hero, he is an older more thoughtful protagonist.   Dugan demonstrates very believable behavior with his emotions and behavior.  He is not a professional spy or action figure, he is a normal human being thrust into intolerable circumstances.  McDermott does a super job with his characterizations. 

Now the plot, as you may well know I work diligently to avoid spoilers, so I will be circumspect.  Needless to say intricate hardly suffices, Byzantine seems far more appropriate.  Just when you feel like you have a good handle on what will happen next you find yourself pin wheeling on a curve ball.   The most Machiavellian of you will find suitable plot complexity in this book.  

Action doesn’t really describe the depth of excitement infused to the bones of this book.  It oozes excitement while forcing the reader to contemplate the plausibility and consequences of the story line.  

In short, I really enjoyed this book.   Thank you Jeff Edwards for pointing Bob in my direction and thank you Bob for this excellent read!

I highly recommend it!

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