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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Soft Target by Stephen Hunter

In the era of jihad the concept of soft targets is sobering.  People who wouldn’t recognize democracy if it bit them in the tush would love to enjoy our freedoms while they try and destroy them.  This book pits a retired marine sniper against a home grown nut case and some deluded Islamic terrorists.  

Ray Cruz is the protagonist in this book.   He represents the best of our service people, loathe to leave a job half done and patriotic to a fault.   He finds himself thrust into home grown terrorism and reacts as if he is still in the service.  I am aware that Stephen Hunter has many successful novels but I was a little surprised that he placed his protagonist in a situation that would have no doubt earned him stockade time if there was any reality check.   With that said, I really enjoyed the novel and the reaction of the SWAT and Cruz characters.   Home grown or not, terrorists deserve their fate as it is justly dished out in this fast paced, edge of the chair, roller coaster read.  

I highly recommend it.

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