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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Freak by Jennifer Hillier

I had trouble getting into Jennifer Hillier’s first book, Creep.  However once I got past the first twenty five pages I couldn’t put it down.   I didn’t have to wait for that many pages this time. This book has the same cast and characters just a short time down the road from Creep.   A psychopath renews the torment of former victims making the book more than a bit frightening.  

The exhibition of sociopathic manipulative skills is the most frightening aspect of this book.  My personal experience in graduate courses dealing with aberrant social behavior plus case work with career criminals first introduced me to the astounding manipulative skills of the sociopath.   This book characterizes those skills quite well.  

One wonders how victims of violent crime ever regain the equilibrium lost to horrific experiences.   Abby Maddox’s amoral behavior is almost hard to believe.  

Ms. Hillier leaves the door open for future books. 

This was a disturbing but captivating book. 

I highly recommend the book. 

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