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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snowzilla by Janet Lawler

Illustrated by Amanda Haley
This is a really cute book about a little girl who wants to build the biggest snowman in the world.  The entire family pitches in to build the giant snowman.   Family interaction is nicely illustrated by the way both little brother and mom and dad all work toward Cami Lou’s goal of a giant snow man.  The loose, rhyming verse makes the story easy to read to a small child.  

The snowman turns out beautifully and has many who enjoy it.  Sadly,  as a depressing reflection of our litigious society, lawsuits and petitions to get rid of Snowzilla are filed.   A judge decides against Snowzilla.   Cami Lou is gratified by the reaction of her snowman’s supporters and things turn out ok. 

I recommend the book.   

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