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Friday, December 14, 2012

Without Sin by David McCabe

This is a tale of forbidden love, illegal immigration, drug trafficking and pedophilia.   This book pulls back the tattered cover of indifference to reveal the suffering of illegal immigrants.  

The book read like the diary of a Border Patrol Agent, Garrett Harrison.   Garrett, a Seal in his prior career, ends up guarding our Southern Border.  He develops a Romeo and Juliette relationship that develops into a full blown obsession.  His buddies and he see the depraved behavior of the coyotes (illegal immigrant guides) and drug traffickers.  

The author leads you to believe that his novel is based on observations of actual events.  A big part of the theme of the book is the irresistible lure of a better life in the “north”. This desire for a better life drives the poor of those south of our border to take dramatic risks to cross the border.   There are a lot of sociological implications to this book.  One of the problems in addressing the issue of prostitution among migrant workers is the differing mores of other cultures.   The book alternates by reminiscing by Garrett to the actual action of events.   The despicable behavior of many of the characters and even the questionable behavior by some of the protagonists did not make this an easy read.  I recommend reading the author’s afterword as well to get an idea of his motivation. 

I recommend this book. 

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