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Monday, January 14, 2013

Rock & Roll Rip-Off by R. J. McDonnell

The Series.
 An ex-rocker, turned mental health professional (seems oxymoronic) turned, hard nose private eye finds himself dodging bullets while trying to run down a collection of music memorabilia.

Jason Duffy, the main protagonist, is likeable in multiple areas.  He is intuitive and creative which aids his detecting.  Personally, I thought his strong suite was his compassion and acceptance for his former mental health clients.   He pulled them into his life and provided them with a safe haven and occasionally employment.   I did think his goal to protect Kelly was a bit overprotective but he did evolve through the book.

The characterizations were marvelous!  I really enjoyed the variety of interesting people who populate the book.   The story was suitably complex while the major mystery was explained in the first six chapters the ancillary action took the rest of the book to a satisfying conclusion.  

I look forward to reading more from R.J. as the premise of his stories leads to a wealth of possible scenarios that promise to be entertaining.

I recommend it.

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