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Friday, March 8, 2013

FIREBUG by Daniel Berenson

This is a tough story to read, particularly if you have empathy for kids.  Two boys learn a great deal about fire and it’s dangers. 

This book deals with bi-lateral support, perhaps characterized by the blind leading the blind scenario.   This is a tale of two boys who discover themselves by paying for the consequences of their behavior.
Curtis and Bobby are not cut from the same cloth.  They look at life differently and have vastly different skill sets.   Life throws them together and the ensuing story is heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time. 

A pre-occupation with fire can result from may things.   Some of those ways are the same reasons that kids get into drugs, alcohol or other aberrant behaviors.  Kids who are mistreated by family and peers, kids who feel alienated and alone can easily get into areas that can negatively impact their entire lives. 

Daniel Berenson is able to portray scenarios that smack of realism.  Kids can be cruel and they can be amazingly accepting.  In my opinion, the adults kids are exposed to have an enormous impact on whether they behave with compassion or cruelty.   Daniel shows how two boys can change each other’s lives.

In addition to a very positive cautionary tale, Daniel is donating 20% of the net profits from the book sales of FIREBUG to organizations that care for burn survivors, including the Shriners Hospitals and the Jaycees. 
Daniel Berenson is one of those rare individuals who puts his money where his mouth is, kudos Daniel!

I enjoyed it even as it made me cringe.  

I recommend the book. 

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