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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Savage Bay by Christopher Forrest

Outnumbered and outgunned, an elite team of corporate mercenaries find themselves trying to save the most powerful secrets of their employer.

Catherine Caine is a corporate titan.  Her companies are knee deep in high tech research.  The Genesis Code has been explored in previous Forrest books.   It is coded messages hidden in our DNA.  These coded messages could reveal hidden information that would allow a dramatic improvement in the human race or its destruction. 

Caine’s research facility at a defunct Cold War secret submarine base is threatened by intruders.   She sends her top team of corporate warriors, Titan Six.  All of the members of Titan Six have nicknames and have had biological enhancements.   Hawkeye, the Titan Six team leader, hides his considerable intellect behind the gruff exterior of a brutal warrior.   

The team faces daunting odds and treachery when they arrive at Savage Bay to save their employer’s daughter and rescue the valuable research.  The book is pretty simplistic in its approach.  Lots of firepower and nearly invulnerable warriors provide the main components for action upon action.  Titan Six could join Marvel and back up the Avengers, they are that tough.  

This is a quick read that won’t tax your intellect but if you are an action junky you will love it. 

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