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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shot of Tequila by J.A. Konrath

Any one who considers themselves vertically challenged should read this book.   I have been known to say dynamite comes in small packages and Konrath proves that point in this novel of mob mayhem.  Tequila, a emotionally stunted, vertically challenged leg breaker finds himself facing tragedy and growth in this excellent crime thriller.

Tequila is a complex character that defies the conventional hero persona.   He is likeable for several reasons but from my point of view his tenacity is his most stellar feature.  He WILL see things to the end.

Jack Daniels, a female detective defying the “ole” boy network, is introduced in this book.  I have not read any of Konrath’s Jack Daniels series but I now intend to find and read them.   In the after word, Konrath states that his other works have more humor.   Frankly I found several things in this book quite humorous which considering the level of violence, I may need to re-evaluate my own stability. 

This is an excellent mystery and I I highly recommend it.

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