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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Die Trying by Lee Child

I am now getting used to the pace Lee Child sets in his Jack Reacher books.  I am budgeting the time necessary to read it in as short a time as possible since it is darn near impossible to put down.  In this rendition, Jack is in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up in a hostage situation with a psychotic militia.

Jack is once again a force of nature.   He is willing to go with the flow unless he is personally affronted or if he feels someone is being wronged.  We find out in this book that Jack is sniper trained.  I have only read four other Reacher books and I was not aware of this area of his expertise.  

Holly, a wounded bird FBI agent, is the object of Jack’s affection in this book.  It appears that Jack is destined for heart break in his previous books but perhaps he gets lucky in this book.   (Take that for whatever meaning you want to ascribe to it.)


Government agencies, the military and bureaucracy in general are once again showcased with a high level of incompetency.   Beau Borken is an excellent villain as he is so easy to despise.   Child paints with a broad brush and not a lot of technical nuances.  His stories are easy to follow and frequently leave you breathless with their pace.  Although this book is several years old, the plot resonates with the current events of the Boston Marathon.   That adds a veneer of believability that enhances the story and frankly is rather frightening.   In spite of that I am really enjoying this series.

I do like the way Jack faces his fear and conquers it.

There is non-stop action and lots of violence.   I enjoyed the book and I recommend the book.

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