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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fog of War by Ethan Jones

This is the third book in the Justin Hall series.   Justin is a Canadian Intelligencer Service agent.   This action laden adventure details his involvement in Middle East terrorist activities with his partner Carrie O’Connor.   They find themselves in Somalia and discover that they have been both duped and targeted.  

Once again Justin is a volatile character and reacts to many situation emotionally.   Carrie, his partner, leavens his behavior with a little common sense.   Also again the plot can be pulled right off of the CNN news wire.   Arms smuggling and terrorists abound.   Justin’s contacts with the Russian mob come into play when he finds him self the target of a fatwa. Revenge again plays a major part for Justin in the intricacies of the plot.

Some startling revelations come to play with the CIA and Justin’s former boss.  Perfidy in the world of spies and intrigue, gasp!

Ethan Jones has a future in the world of thrillers.  This book was an entertaining read.

I recommend it. 

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