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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hidden Things by Doyce Testerman


Calliope Jenkins has a serious chip on her shoulder.   She takes no crap, no how, no way from nobody.   When her best friend and former lover “disappears” she is forced to ally
 herself with unlikely allies some of whom may not exist.

This is either a psycho thriller or a fantasy horror or maybe both.   Testerman does an excellent job in crafting the unlikeable character of Calliope Jenkins.   Calliope makes a porcupine seem warm a cuddly.   She does her best to keep anyone from getting close.  Is she a wounded bird or a pterodactyl?   She keeps company with a clown or is Viktor really a clown.  

What things are hidden?  Do we all have hidden things?   Testerman develops both his characters and his story as psychodramas.   There is a wealth of pondering as well as a good adventure in this book.  I really liked Mahkah for reasons that will be self evident if you have followed any of my recommendations.

I highly recommend it. 
I enjoyed the book. 

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