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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Witch of Babylon by D. J. McIntosh

Contrary to the title this is not a fantasy nor does it deal with the stereotypical witch.  Instead it deals with the overrunning of Baghdad, the fall of Saddam Hussein and the looting of Iraqi antiquities.

New York art dealer John Madison is the main protagonist.   He finds himself treading water with a life vest full of rocks.   He is over his head, overwhelmed, beaten up and beaten down.   The guy can’t catch a break and seems constantly on the verge of breakdown.  

There are nefarious characters, secret societies, religious antiquities, muscle bound private contractors and other colorful and intriguing aspects to this book.  It aspires to a Dan Brown type but doesn’t quite pull it off.   It was an interesting read but it doesn’t grab you by the throat and choke you if you try and put it down.  

A different style and a different author that will fly on it’s own merits with comparison to other novels. 

I enjoyed the book and I recommend the book.

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