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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Enemy by Lee Child

This books seems like it should start the series not be labeled as number eight.  
Jack Reacher is an MP Major in this book in the special investigation unit.   He finds himself embroiled in the arm forces reshuffling occurring during the fall of the East Berlin Wall.  The reshuffling was not done easily by the hidebound traditions of the military.

Reacher’s personal code of ethics figures prominently in this book too.   We also get good back story on what makes this man among men tick.   He is an unforgettable character whose sense of honor is often self detrimental.   There is frequently a strong female in Child’s books who never gets carried into the next book. (or at least not yet)  Summer provides a good counter point for Reacher. 

The extent that Reacher’s peers extend themselves is indicative of the regard they have for his personal integrity.   Their loyalty and respect appear to be practically boundless. 

Once again, mayhem and murder abound followed by the implacable Reacher’s search for the truth.  

There is non-stop action and lots of violence.  

I enjoyed the book and I  recommend the book.

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