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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Traveler by Garrett Addison

A morality play depicting a overworked and under appreciated corporate traveler.

Whether intentional or not, I have no recollection of the protagonist name and I just finished the book and hour ago.   My thought is that the author’s intent is that you focus on the protagonist’s actions rather than mundane aspects like names.  Of course in college I disagreed vehemently with my literature professor on what Robert Frost really meant when he took a walk in the woods.  So assuming I know what the author meant is probably what assumptions are usually worth. 

The female boss of said corporate drone is the epitome of evil.  Anyone who has worked in any structured environment has encountered this type of individual.  They advance over the bodies of the weak.  

The premise of MBA short term thinking is questioned by the plot of the book.   Are consultants working for the common good or the quarterly report?  Sadly the newspaper business sections bulge with companies that have collapse because they have focused on short term concerns and ignored long term success.

The book has some epiphanies that clarify the overall direction of the plot.  In a lot of ways the book was depressing as there are entirely too many folks stuck on this dreadful treadmill.   Too me the message was wake up and smell the roses before you get sucked into the sewer.  I don’t know if that is what Garrett intended but that is what I got. 

Sadly I think this is an accurate description of too many lives. 

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