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Monday, September 15, 2014

Oil to Ashes Picnic (1) by Lee Brait

This is a novelette set in a not to distant future.  Linc is a company man with a mind of his own.  He believes in the company's goal but feels he is surrounded by dilettantes.  This short story appears to be a setup for a sequential story line.   Linc follows his conscience and ends up doing the right thing but paying for it in guilt.

The story is fast paced and in some areas brutal.  The realization that to protect his family, Linc must do some things that grossly breach his self image.  You feel that society and it's failures lead to personal actions that would be abhorrent in another time and place but are necessary in this declining society.

Premise is good, plenty of action and thought provoking analysis of social mores.

I enjoyed the book.

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