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Monday, September 1, 2014

The 100 by Kass Morgan

A post apocalypse space habitat is suffering system failure after generations in space.  Their solution is to dispose of teen age miscreants in an attempt to discover if Earth is habitable.

The book has an interesting premise.   The solution to their problem is similar to many culture by disposing of the young they remove both a problem and perhaps they solve one as well.  Societies have been sending their young off to battle since the cavemen.   This book is tepid science fiction combined with teen age romance.   

The story eventually moved along after the reader is introduced to the romantic longings of a variety of teens.   It is a very fast read and I don't see it appealing to the older teen.  I think the very young teen and particularly the very young teen female may find the book appealing.   I am pleased to see an attempt to draw in the young teen girls into science fiction.  I do feel that the more kids read scifi, the better chance we have of getting more kids into science.

Interesting note, there is a TV show based on the book.  It claims to be young adult oriented but I think this is doing many young adults a disservice.  Considering the outlook of the high school kids I know, this book might be a touch lite.   I think the upper elementary or perhaps middle school audience would be more likely to favor the book.  

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