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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Trident's First Gleaming by Stephen Templin

Once again Stephen Templin pulls his plot from current events.   Chris Paladin is the protagonist who is trying to balance his SEAL handle of Reverend with his self image and personal identity when faced with grossly immoral terrorists.

Drones and cyber warfare are in the news daily.  Templin combines the two for an action adventure that includes a great deal of soul searching by Chris Paladin.   Paladin's character is highly complex and very introspective.   He is contrasted against Dr. Mordet, a psychopathic terrorist with a mystical streak.  

The action and adventure are fast and often brutal.   The characterizations are adequate with Paladin and Mordet receiving the most detail.   Paladin's attempt to justify his role as a SEAL and protector of our freedom with his role as an actual Reverend and his need to protect his and others souls add a intriguing level of complexity to what might otherwise be just another terrorist oriented action adventure.

I enjoyed the book.

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