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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crimson Angel by Barbara Hambly

Benjamin and Rose January are back in a new adventure.  The evils of slavery and greed are the major themes in this book.

Rose's past intrudes on the life that Rose and Ben are trying to build.   Rose's brother brings the Crimson Angel into their life and that leads down a path of death and destruction.   The mystery of the evil Dr. Maurir is defined by his similarity as  an early rendition of the equally evil Nazi Mengele with a similar penchant for experimentation on live subjects. 

Hambly very graphically illustrates the often ignored atrocities that accompanied slavery.  She also points out the astounding number of deaths that also accompanied slavery.  If nothing else, this book hammers home the dreadful impact of slavery on both the slaves and the destruction of character in the slave owners.

This is a good story with a very impactful depiction of slavery. 

I recommend.  


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