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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Clawed by L. A. Kornetsky

This is another pet's are smart mystery.   Ms. Kornetsky has Georgie, the Sharpei, and Miss Penny, the cat as major characters.   This mystery brings Ginny into conflict with both the police and a mysterious murderer.

Once again I am appreciative of the relationship between Ginny and Teddy as well as the relationship between Georgie and Miss Penny.   There is amusing musing by Miss Penny in this story.  

The relationship growth between the two humans is glacially slow.   However it leads one to believe there will be more volumes to come which is welcome.  

The skill illustrated by the less than dynamic duo are further honed in this story and even appreciated in some law enforcement areas.

Complimentary skills makes for a good couple and it seems that may be the direction the two human protagonists are moving.   Miss Penny on the other hand, doubts that Georgie will ever be able to function without her help.

I enjoyed the book and look forward to sequels.
I am enjoying this series, see my review of Collared


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