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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Michigan Roll by Tom Kakonis

 Graphically brutal crime thriller is an appropriate description for this book.  Kakonis has the ability to create deeply flawed characters that never-the-less propel an action stuffed adventure.

Waverly has issues and his soul searching leads him in a journey to his past that embroils  him in some Midnight problems.   A missing package of drugs appropriated by a minor delusional miscreant puts an assortment of escalating bad guys on Waverly's field of play.   A plethora of unnecessary roughness calls would characterize this book with some of the violence stomach wrenching. 

Surprising camaraderie plays a part in Waverly's survival.  Waverly's mentor in survival skills plays a cameo of sadness.  Midnight may play a future role in Waverly's life as short as it may be.

This was a good mystery and action adventure.

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