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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Third Degree by Greg Iles

I said Greg Iles was a master of tension in my review of Dead Sleep.   I  may have to upgrade that to an elite master of tension.  Tension in this book was beyond palatable it was visceral.  This is a tale of infidelity, disease, distrust and an assortment of unlikeable characters.

I have mentioned before how likeability of characters can impact the enjoyment of a book.  Iles has a bunch of unlikeable people making horrible choices and the book was still enormously compelling.  Two marital cheaters reap the whirlwind while law enforcement is portrayed as less than professional.  Iles did offer up an apology for his law enforcement portrayal in the afterword of the book.

This was an excellent mystery, a quality plot and nothing remotely predictable.

I strongly recommend.

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