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Friday, April 15, 2016

Dark Angel by Ron Felber

At the risk of redundancy,  Jack Madson is back and wallowing in self inflicted despair once again.  This book is not for the faint of heart, topics and descriptions are nearly painful to read and frankly impossible to comprehend.  Nazi or Neo-Nazi machinations directing American black ops research is the dominating theme. 

Felber appears to have a very low regard for the positives in life.   His characters are dark and severely flawed.   Jack Madson's introspection could be labeled as dark and hopeless.   His self medicating has reached new highs while providing him with physical new lows.

There is eventually a possible initiating factor in what fuels Madson's seemingly schizophrenic nature.

The book is often confusing and disjointed.   Madson's wife and daughter have cameo roles.   Incongruities such as Madson being able to pull, seemingly out of thin air, his requisite pain killers and sleeping pills tend to stop you in your tracks and wonder, where did that come from?

Considering all of the black operations that have been  exposed over the years, it does not seem too unlikely that some of the paranoia shown by Madson could be real.  

As I said on my previous Felber reviews, I can't say I enjoyed it primarily due to the graphic nature of some of the scenes but it certainly was an interesting book.   From this and his previous books I can only  conclude that Felber has strong feelings that society is overall corrupt.  Jack Madson is a true anti-hero. 

I recommend the book, it should make you ponder your own reality.

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