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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Killing Maine by Mike Bond

Pono Hawkins is a retired Special Forces veteran who find himself pulled into the wind controversy in Maine when a former and un-liked fellow operative is arrested for murder.

Bond appears to have a decidedly negative attitude about the building of wind farms in Maine.   I did some reading and research and concluded I don't know enough to have a strong opinion.  I have not gone to Maine to see or hear any of the things that Bond mentions as determents of wind power.   I have attached links to two articles that were informative and appear reasonably unbiased.  

Disregarding the politicizing of the book, the story was a mystery with interesting sexual overtones that were somewhat subtle and certainly not blatant.   Pono appears to have issues with monogamy.   There is some violence, gun play and moderate torture in the book.   The police are portrayed as easily manipulated by politicians and extremely biased as to ex-cons regardless of their charges being exonerated.

Bond expresses a lot of opinions in his characters.
It was an interesting book. 

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