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Monday, May 2, 2016

Rogue Hunter by John R. Monteith

Monteith's books have that connection to reality that many fiction books lack.   His submarine service gives the authenticity that provides fuel for the read.   This book is another mercenary adventure set in the current events of the Ukraine.

The regular players are back, Jake, Renard and Cahill.    The mission is to disrupt the Russian take over of Crimea.   The mission goes off the rails with some unanticipated actions by the Russians.   The good guys must respond with some unanticipated behavior of their own.

Monteith notes a level of professionalism and respect between submariners that smacks of honor and regard.   One hopes the real people who do this for a living have that same regard.  

Jake still wrestles with his personal demons and even brings a Priest on the sub for moral guidance.   It demonstrates that Priests can honor their calling and still be warriors.   A concept that needs some pondering.  

I recommend the book.

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