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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Hunting Trip: A Novel of Love and War By William E. Butterworth III

W.E.B. Griffin is William E. Butterworth III, I think, maybe or maybe it is another pseudonym, who really knows.   This book is style wise like one of the many, many military fiction novels written by the author.   This is more humorous than most of the previous works that I have read by this author.  Rural Mississippi high society is kind of the focus but it really is centered on an author, Philip W. Williams III, who depicts his military career in detail.

Butterworth does have a flair for humor and revels in sarcastic and scandalous depictions of the U.S. Military, Ivy League edifices and the wealthy.    The story is primarily about Phil's growth from youthful indiscretions to adult indiscretions.   Wealth, education and military life are the focus of most of the humor but the institution of marriage does not escape the barbed but silver tongue of both Philip and Butterworth.    

BTW having shot skeet, Philip deserves accolades for his marksmanship.  

This was an amusing book in which Butterworth confirmed my own status as a writer as he defines one who has written, published and sold a book or two.   I also garnered some tax advice from the book which due to it's satirical underpinnings, I will thoroughly research before using.

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