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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Broken Trust by W.E.B. Griffin

I particularly Griffin's books about Philadelphia cops as I live nearby.  This is another book set in the years when the term Killadelphia was applied to the city due to the number of murders in the city.   Matt Payne or Wyatt Earp is the main protagonist again.

I liked this book better than Deadly Assets which was the last Philly cop story I read from Griffin.   A disjointed aspect in that book decreased my affection for the story.   Broken Trust flowed better and it was much easier to follow.  

Griffin most definitely is familiar with Philadelphia and regardless of their names, political figures in the book are easily identified.   Sadly Griffin's cynicism does not seem at all far fetched.   Looking at the number of Philadelphia notables who have recently been convicted and incarcerated, his book smacks more of non-fiction than fiction.  This book is better than the last but still not up to  the standards of his past books. 

This book was an entertaining read with a sad but realistic commentary on politics.

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