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Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Select by F. Paul Wilson

This is a stand alone book and not related to the Repairman Jack series.  Quinn Cleary has wanted to be a physician for as long as she can remember.  Despite her awesome intellectual successes as a student, her family is unable to afford medical school tuition.  She and her life long pal, Matt, apply to The Ingraham, the most prestigious medical school in the country.  Matt’s buddy, Tim, applies as well with no real drive to being a physician.   Tim’s eidetic memory and substantial intellect supersede his uncaring playboy attitude.  The three take the notorious Ingraham entrance exam and the fun begins.

The Ingraham may not be what it seems in spite of it’s providing a full boat for all those admitted.  It also requires strict adherence to it’s philosophical underpinnings. 

Tim’s rebellious behavior and Quinn’s abiding compassion lead the two down a path of perfidy.   Matt, although a bit player, provides a lifeline that is instrumental to some major upheavals.

Wilson suggests a frightening method of medical care and provides sufficient arguments which compel serious thought.

I recommend the book.


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