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Friday, December 8, 2017

Curse of the Coloring Book by Howard L. Hibbard

This was a hard book to read.  The plot is inspired by the true story of an attorney dealing with PTSD due to his Vietnam experiences. 

The idiocy of the college fraternity experience, the stress of the draft and protests and the inability to “measure up” to unrealistic expectations fuel aspects of this plot.

Herald Lloyd is an attorney struggling with internal demons.  His experiences as a infantry platoon Lt. in Vietnam feed the fires of alcohol abuse and self loathing.  Many Vets from Vietnam believed that to be a man you had to bottle up your anger and frustration and soldier on.   The futility of this approach is graphically illustrated in the book.

The incongruities of the Vietnam war are clearly shown.   Herald flashes back to stress points when he encounters stress points in his current life.  His wife’s insistence that he seek help are rebuffed by his assurances that he can handle it.

The book showed the despicable way returning Vets were treated in that era.  It seems that today’s Vets are treated better, one can only hope that is true.

What we ask of our young men and women is almost beyond comprehension, the least we can do is treat them with respect, help and honor when they come home.

Good book.


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