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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Shattered Trident by Larry Bond

Bond did his homework.  The plot of the book centers around the Chinese claiming the entire south China sea.   The research I did to see if Bond was foreseeing the future was pretty darn depressing.  Just this past week there was an article in the newspaper (I know old school.) about a US ship sailing close to an island that the Chinese took from the Philippines several years ago.  With the plot being in the news, reading the book was a touch frightening.  

Bond clearly points out that nations can be as blind and stubborn as the people who populate that nation.   The main characters are members of the alliance formed to curb Chinese expansion and the main American submariner who is featured as thwarting both the Chinese and the alliance.

This book is well worth reading and hopefully decision makers in all of the countries included in the plot will, at least, read the Cliff Notes and recognize that the world has reached the point where globalization has become a reality. 

I recommend the book.


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