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Monday, May 12, 2008

The dust of other days by Bob Lock

I stumbled on this blog while looking through blogcatalog, he had visited someone else's blog and Bob's sounded interesting. Well, that was a worthwhile stumble. I haven't read all his work yet nor have I looked at all of his blogs. If this story is a taste of his work, I am looking for a full course meal. The story reads well with a nice twist at the end. I liked it and I am not a big fan of short stories. Better yet, I commented on it and got a nice return email from the author. Try that with one of the big name authors, you will wither away and die before they ever respond to a reader. Kudos to Bob Lock and check out his blogs.

1 comment:

Bob Lock said...

Hi there Bill!

Many thanks for your kind words. It's great receiving feedback and even better when that feedback is positive!

I hope you get to read a few other pieces of mine and find them enjoyable.

Best wishes from Wales, UK :)