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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Shadow of the Lion by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint and Dave Freer

Mercedes Lackey ranks as one of my favorite authors as does Eric Flint. I never heard of Dave Freer until this book. Pseudo or alternative history is always fascinating. This story takes place in Venice, the city state, during the Holy Roman Empire time period of the 1530s in another or parallel universe. The intrigue and Machiavellian machinations are true to that time period. The use of magic is unique to the alternate world. A very rich, very involved plot with good characterizations keeps you glued to the book. The second book in the series is “This Rough Magic”. It is supposedly going to be a 5 book series the Heirs of Alexandria but the 2nd book was published in 2003 and there appears to have been no further work on the series. The book works well as a stand alone novel so don’t let the lack of a finished series stop you. Read this book, you will enjoy it.

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