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Monday, January 5, 2009

Car Warriors, The Square Deal by David Drake

This is a book one of a series that never propagated. Book 2, “Car Warriors, Double Jeopardy was written by Aaron Allston and that appears to be the end of the series. This book is packed with the normal slam bang violence you expect from Drake but more on a juvenile level. The book appears to be focused on a younger audience than the normal Drake work. I would guess that a lot of gamers would enjoy it as it is a first person shooter kind of book. In a post apocalypse type of world those who drive fast in heavily armed vehicles are the protagonists of the book. The book was enjoyable and I would recommend it although I won’t give it to my 10 year old grandson, I would guess by 12 or 13 he would enjoy it.

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Book Calendar said...

Looks like a spin off of the roleplaying game Car Wars which is by Steve Jackson. I played it in high school. It would make an awful novel.

I might suggest The Lieutenant Leary Commuanding series by David Drake. I really enjoyed the last one Some Golden Harbor.

ibdragon said...

I concur, I really enjoy the Lt. Leary series. It is well worth reading. thanks for the comment.