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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Born to Run by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon

A book with a morale is not surprising from Lackey. I guess the surprise for me was to discover she and Larry Dixon on spouses. Didn’t know that. The story doesn’t seem dated at all, in spite of being published in 1992. The cast of mages, elves and ghosts, both good and evil, provides a good story. A young “do gooder” mage’s concern about the welfare of a runaway permeates the story line. Depiction of the dangers of running away and the potentially despicable consequences provide the grindingly realistic morale. I particularly liked the after note that provides an 800-999-9999 number for runaways to call for help. Since the book was dated, I called the number and it is still a crisis hotline so I put it here as well. I liked the fact the author and the publishers seemed concerned about their reader’s welfare. I recommend the book.

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